Reusable Cryogen Dispenser

Reusable Cryogen Dispenser

Save on cryogen for your cosmetic laser that uses cryogen cooling.

Cryogen Dispenser enables you to refill the gas spray coolant (DCD spray) for Gentlelase Plus, Gentle Pro, GentleYag Pro, GentleMax Pro, Vbeam Perfecta, Smoothbeam, Cryogen Dispenser also enables you to refill Cool Tube Cryogen for CoolTouch lasers Varia, CT3 Plus, CoolLipo, CTEV, VariaBreeze, Trio, and also Quantel Medical Aramis Cooling Cartridge.

About The Cryogen Dispenser

Finally, an invention that enables practitioners to keep a lot more of their profits. This Patented Cryogen Transfer Dispenser serves three primary purposes. It saves about 80% on Cryogen costs, it eliminates countless disposals of containers into the environment and it further purifies the cryogen through a patented filtration system. Most clinics will recoup the $1500 cost in a few weeks.

You can acquire the necessary 30 lb container of Cryogen at most Sam’s Clubs for about $80. In case you want the cryogen shipped directly to you or Sams Club is out of it, I will give you a couple 1-800 numbers from whom you can buy for a little more than Sam’s Club’s price, including shipping (NOTE: At Sam’s Club, it’s sold as R134a in 30 lb containers under item # 86244, which is 1,1,1,2 tetrafluoroethane–which is exactly what’s in your cryogen canisters). A 30 lb container typically fills up twelve to fourteen of your 1000 gram containers. Using the unit is simple and anyone in your office can do it. You hook up the hoses, open the valve, come back a few minutes later and your container is full.

Cost:  $1,500*

Call to order:  (908) 307-3205

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*additional cost for adapter to some laser models