Cynosure Elite MPX

Cynosure Elite MPX


2011 Cynosure Elite MPX

* If you are looking for a Candela GentleMax Pro but don’t want to spend that kind of $….. Look at the similarities!!!

Candela GentleMax Pro (GMP) vs. Cynosure Elite MPX (MPX) – Specification Comparison

Laser Type:
(GMP) Nd:YAG 1064nm – Alexandrite 755nm
(MPX) Nd:YAG 1064nm – Alexandrite 755nm – Multiplex – IPL

Spot Size:
Both have up to 18mm (GMP) has optional larger spot sizes but it does not come with those

Repetition Rate :
Both up to 10 Hz

Pulse Duration
(GMP) 0.25 – 300 ms
(EMPX)0.5 – 300 ms

Fluence Range:
Both up to 600 J/cm2

Fibers Necessary for Full Usage:
(GMP) 3

Skin Cooling:
(GMP) Cooling Cryogen Spray (Disposable $$)
(MPX) Built-In Zimmer Air Cooler

J/cm2 on 18 mm Spot Size 755 nm:
(GMP) 20
(MPX) 22

IPL Included:
(GMP) Not available
(MPX) Yes

Multiplex Capability:

System Specifics:

System Shot Count 711,690

Alex Lamp and Chamber Counts 213,357

Yag Lamp and Chamber Counts 481,639

IPL Lamp Count 11,082

  • Gold standard hair removal and leg vein laser with two wavelengths plus IPL
  • Low pulse count in excellent functional and operational condition

*System is in stock and available for inspection and/or pickup in our NJ office

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Cynosure Elite MPX

Cynosure Elite MPX

The Cynosure Elite MPX Aesthetic Workstation is a dual-wavelength system delivering reliable, cost-effective treatments for hair removal, vascular treatments, epidermal pigment, and wrinkle reduction.

Multiple treatments for all skin types

Nd:YAG technology with 755nm and 1064nm wavelengths quickly and effectively treats all skin types while delivering the years of reliable performance for which Cynosure is known.  System also has IPL for great photofacial, pigmented lesion and acne treatments.

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Hours - Pulse Count

System Shot Count 711,690 l Alex Lamp and Chamber Counts 213,357 l Yag Lamp and Chamber Counts 481,639 l IPL Lamp Count 11,082

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Internal Cryo Chiller, Key, Footswitch. Foot pedal


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