Cynosure Eleme SmoothShapes

Cynosure Eleme SmoothShapes


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Cynosure Eleme SmoothShapes

The SmoothShapes® medical laser system was developed over 7 years ago, undergoing 2 years of clinical studies with proven MRI images to reduce cellulite and fat. This is accomplished through the use of 915nm wavelength laser and 650nm wavelength LED light called Photomology®. The benefits of SmoothShapes include cellulite reduction, fat reduction, reduction of body circumference, an increase in skin tone and radiance, improved scar tissue healing, general improved lymph flow, improved circulation and even relief of muscle aches and pains. But how does Photomology® work? Photomology® is FDA cleared to reduce cellulite and liquefy fat in the engorged cells and repair brittle collagen. Collagen is regenerated, circulation is improved and metabolic processes are restored. The contoured rollers and vacuum massage assist in moving the liquefied fat out through the lymphatic system and smooth the appearance of skin in as few as 4 weeks. Skin tone visibly improves and feels tighter.

Cellulite is a skin condition marked by engorged fat cells trapped in a fibrotic network of fibrous septae located in the hypodermis. These columns contain engorged cells, and allow herniation to be more visible on the skin’s surface. Several genetic and physical factors contribute to the cause of cellulite such as hormonal imbalances, vascular changes and inflammation. SmoothShapes improves cellulite with thermal, non-destructive Photomology.

The 650 NM Wavelength modifies the permeability of the fat cell membrane to allow the liquefied fat to move into the interstitial space. This transitory change does not damage the adipocytes; the integrity of the cells is safely maintained.


The 915 NM Wavelength penetrates well into tissue and is preferentially absorbed by lipids causing fat liquefaction. The temperature inside the adipocytes is slightly elevated. Contoured rollers move liquefied lipids from the interstitial space to the lymphatic system for dynamic drainage.

A vacuum component positions the skin for the most effective light penetration. SmoothShapes patients experience and feel smoother and tighter looking skin in treated areas and can expect long lasting and improved results after completing a series of treatments.

A multi-center study for MRI validation was performed in which 74 randomized patients were asked to participate in a single-blinded format. Of those participants, 81% of patients showed “significant volumetric reduction in subcutaneous fat” in treated vs. non-treated persons. This finding was based on a decrease in fat area in treated vs. non-treated patients. Thirteen (13) months post-treatment, five patients provided elective MRI’s – of which four patients (4/5 = 80%) maintained the initial results.

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