PiQo4 PicoSecond Laser

Now FDA Cleared!

Users report results with 40% fewer treatments than other laser systems.

  • The ONLY 4-wavelength system with picosecond & nanosecond pulses
  • Uniform, homogenous beam profile for coverage & clearance
  • Largest spot size for improved speed & depth (up to 15 mm)
  • Highest power Q-switch laser (up to twice other systems)
  • True 600 ps, 2 ns and 8 ns pulses (not a “pulse train”)
  • 110-volt for intra-office flexibility & portability
  • User-friendly touchscreen, tablet interface
  • Made in the USA

Treats all tattoo colors, traumatic tattoos, and amateur tattoos, pigmented lesions such as nevi, lentigines, café-au-lait birthmarks, melasma, and seborrheic keratosis.


Studies indicate that NINE of the most common tattoo colors are highly absorbed by wavelengths that are found in this system.

  • In addition to black and red inks (the most common colors), the laser also is highly absorbed by dark and light greens, royal and light blue, yellow, and pink inks.
  • By contrast, the studies indicate that laser systems with one wavelength (such as 532nm or 755nm) or systems with two wavelengths (such as 1064nm plus 532nm) are highly absorbed by only four of the most common inks.
  • Additionally, such 755nm systems are limited to lighter skin types, whereas the 1064nm is safer on both darker and lighter skin types.

*Now introducing our new fractional handpiece for skin rejuvenation and laser toning


Because the robust system has been used for years in Asia, we are confident about its reliability and durability.  Therefore, ask about our introductory offering, which can include up to 2 years of warranty.